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Domestic abuse counselling 
in Bristol Central and North Somerset

Michelle Tovey Therapy provides domestic abuse counselling, and offers specialised support for social workers and other professionals, through the Freedom Programme -
in Bristol and North Somerset.

Training for professionals with the Freedom Programme

I am a trained and qualified Freedom Programme facilitator and trainer for both the women’s and men’s programme. I was trained by Pat Craven, the founder of the Freedom Programme itself. This specialist programme provides a comprehensive insight into domestic abuse and the effects it has on the victim and their children.

If you are a social worker/GP or key worker who may work with or come across clients who are at risk or have been victims of domestic abuse, currently, or in the past, then this short course will enable you to work alongside your clients with new insight, knowledge and ability on how to work with victims and survivors. This type of course is particularly effective if you have a client who is unable or unwilling to attend traditional 'Freedom' style public workshops. This way, the professional can provide effective and comprehensive support around the client who can be worked with one to one.

Pat Craven’s 'Living with the Dominator' has been inspirational and groundbreaking in the field of domestic abuse, both for victims and perpetrators. Some professionals may lack confidence to work with service users around this subject, and that is why this course will help create a tool that professionals can use with confidence and ease when working with this client base. Pat Craven and I envisage that a worker and a 'client' when working simultaneously through the course together will both become enlightened.

You will have to provide the training venue yourselves and the training is for 2 hours. The cost is £45.00 per head for groups of 10 or more (travel expenses are chargeable too) and it may be cost effective to have a group of colleagues to train with you at the same time. The training course also includes your own copy of the 'Home study' workbook that retails at £10.00 per copy, creating an instant saving on the cost per head, if you book through me.

For more information about the new and effective 'Home Study Freedom Course' please call me on 07713 835 914 or email me at I welcome all enquiries and I am here to answer any queries professionals and workers may have.
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