An individuals' & relationship counsellor
in Bristol and North Somerset

My name is Michelle Tovey and I am a private practitioner in counselling and therapy services operating in the Bristol Central and North Somerset area - working with abuse, trauma, and issues related to feelings of low mood, low self-esteem, intrusive thoughts and addictions. Call Michelle Tovey Therapy today, to speak with me.
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Relationship issues and couples counselling

The chances are if you’re reading this, you may at present be an individual or a couple experiencing difficulties that leave you feeling overwhelmed at times and unable to move forward. On the other hand, you may have a good insight into the source of your concerns, but want to work towards a healthier and more manageable way of living and being with your life experiences.

Unfinished business/trauma, loss or grief are among many issues that can leave us with feelings of 'stuckness', helplessness or an inability to shed certain thoughts or feelings.

Together in the therapeutic process, we will endeavour to experience, understand and gain new perspective around your life. As a result, you can become autonomous in your resolutions and this will aid you in moving towards a more fulfilled sense of self and life.
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Move forward with your life

Therapy is in a safe and confidential setting, where you are free to explore with me any issue that may be preventing you from living a satisfactory life. Therapy can help you improve the quality of your relationships and help you regain a sense of purpose and meaning.

My areas of expertise

• Childhood trauma
• Addictions
• Couples counselling
• Relationships and relationship issues
• Anxiety and low mood
• Bereavement
• Affairs, miscarriage and divorce
• Domestic/ sexual abuse and neglect 
• Co-parenting and step-parenting

I work with a variety of clients

I am very proud to say that I work with a wide variety of clients of all ages, races and religion. I make it a point to work closely with them and understand their problems in detail. Whether it is a relationship issue or dealing with child abuse, the right kind of help can make all the difference.
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